Weekly Sports Events

Sunday - 9 Ball 1:00 pm

Mixed Darts 6:30pm

Monday - Men's Pool 7:00 pm

Tuesday - Mixed Pool 7:30 pm

Wednesday - Open Pool Tables evening

Thursday - No activity

Friday - Steak Darts 8:00 pm

Saturday - Open


Royal Canadian Legion Branch # 165 welcomes you to our new website and we are excited to share our news and upcoming event information with you.

Upcoming Poppy Campaign logo

  • Prior to November 11th every year the Poppy Campaign is used to raise funds in support of our veterans.
  • Poppies allow a way for the public to demonstrate their remembrance of those who have served our community and country.
  • 117,000 Canadians have died in military service in two World Wars, Merchant and Ferry Command, the Korean War and other global theatres.
  • Poppy Campaign donations are put into trust accounts and used to assist needy veterans, ex-service members, their families and former members of Commonwealth and allied military services financially.
  • We are looking for volunteers to assist us in this very important annual fund raiser and event. For more information on how you can help contact us at:
    (902) 866-4022 or email us at


Bulletin Board

Brunch is served Sunday mornings 9:30 am to 12:00 noon the first Sunday of each month.

Senior's Day is the third Tuesday of each month. Cost is $1.00 for light lunch, card, pool and socializing.

Bingo - Thursday evenings 7:00 pm

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